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Material Alliance Partners (MAPs)

Market Need The need for sustainable infrastructure is overwhelming but that need is being masked by regulation and the enormity of the problem.
Alliance to Build Awareness and Market Education is the single largest obstacle to implementing sustainable infrastructure.

Igniting awareness will open markets that will be measured in percent of World GDP. Oct 30, 2006 the British Treasury issued the Stern's Review calling for an immediate investment of 1% of World GDP in curtail Global Warming.

Those who invest efforts to create this awareness will benefit from multi-year contracts to supply their goods and services.


Following are links to our business plans. Please contact me if you would like to participate as a Material Alliance Partner.

Bill James,


JPods Inc Plans

  1. Solving someone's problem. Niche solutions for congestion and increased personal mobility. There are thousands of connections needs for this at airports, between transport hubs, medical complexes, business parks, industrial centers, military installations, etc....
  2. Solving general problems of congestion, Global Warming and Peak Oil by automating highly repetitive travel in wide area networks of cities and towns. This applies to about 4 billion of the 8 billion miles Americans drive every day.
  • Patent issued
  • 65 additional patents outlined waiting for capital to file.
  • Built, programmed and demonstrated Proof of Concept JPod, software, sensors and rail.
  • Engineering drawings and structural analysis complete for the first round.
  • Management team and Directors partially complete.
  • Defined cost and pricing mechanisms for evaluating payback on specific networks.
  • Letters of Interest and support obtained from commercial and governments.
  • Exchanged a Letter of Intent to found first Local Mobility Company (San Jose, CA). In Jan 2007 it is expected to have a $10 million project fund.
  • Exchanged a Letter of Intent to build the first network, Shakopee Mdewakanton Indian Community (Shakopee, MN).
Three Ways to Invest
Invest in yourself Deploying JPods will require vast amounts of goods and services. JPods is selling a limited number of Mobility Alliance Partnerships (MAPs) that will provide sponsorships, materials, goods and services for deploying JPods networks. MAPs funds will be used to help develop market demand
Invest in your community JPods is selling Local Mobility Company (LMCs) rights to exclusively deploy JPods networks into specific territory. Funds will be developed in each LMC to deploy networks into that LMC. LMCs are the the Physical-Internet what ISPs are to the Internet. Review Case Studies for examples of networks LMCs will own and operate.
Invest in JPods Inc JPods is raising $20 million in capital to expand, refine and document its technology and intellectual property rights. Approximately $10 million of these funds will be used to help seed LMC operations.
Executive Summary Three page summary of JPods Inc market, team and business plan.
Business Plan Detailed description JPods Inc market, team and business plan.