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Management Team

  • Bill James, founder and CEO. Experienced in manufacturing, statistical process control, sensors and computer software. BS - West Point, 1972.
  • Gordon Israelson, Chief Technical Officer. A Professional Engineer experienced in power industry and fuel cells. He holds 6 patents. MS Physics - University of Minnesota, BS - West Point 1972.
  • Chuck Bratton – Chief Intelligent Systems. BS University of Maryland. Experienced in multi-million dollar multi-national software developments in publishing, manufacturing and human interfaces.
  • Bill Saylor – Chief of Distributed Power. BS –West Point 1972, MS MIT. Member of the IEEE P1547 standards committee for distributed resource grid interconnection standards. Designed and installed several distributed power projects using natural and fossil sources.
  • David Ray – CFO. BS – West Point 1966. Extensive experience in financing growing companies.
  • Chuck Mahan, Director. Retired Lt General, expert in large-scale logistics, formerly the US Army G4 (logistics). BS - West Point, 1968.
  • Mike Teske, Director and Design Team. Currently Director of Construction and Engineering at Dollywood. Past President, Vekoma Rides USA (Vekoma is world’s largest in-house design and manufacture of amusement rides). Past Technical Director for opening 5 major Theme Parks in the US and Europe, responsible for engineering, safety and opening 110 major attractions.

The Founder and CEO of JPods Inc is Mr. Bill James.  Mr. James is an expert in computer software.  He is the author of Desktop Hosting, a book that defines the basic concepts of collaborative networking.  These concepts have been built into his software, “WebClerk” that is being used by a number of successful businesses to manage their business processes. They are also the basis of his patent,      # 6,810,817, that is the essence of the JPods system. He is the founder of James Integrated Technologies and will lead the development of the collaborative networking software to be used by the JPods.