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Web based TV Documentary on Peak Oil Very important and balanced presentation. It has taken 37 years to build the Internet to the current level of access. Building a Physical Internet, re-tool transportation to be independent of oil will likely take longer. It is critical that we get started. By the most optimistic estimate Peak Oil will happen within 26 year.
2006 EU Study on PRT.pdf Very clear stated EU report on PRT
Patent_IT_Scan041102.pdf Scan of Patent 6,810,817
JPods_Com_061007e.pdf Group of JPods documents
ITCorp_060710_01_494sm.pdf Presentation to the 494 Corridor Commission
060530_Evacuation.pdf Evacuation concepts using congestion busting
LeanManufacturingTransit.pdf Just-in-time applies to the transporting process
gilbert_CA_GasPricePeakOil.pdf Canadian presentation on alternative energy sources
SenateLetterPRT1974.pdf Letter from the last oil crisis
morgantown_TRB_111504.pdf Morgantown background
economic_assessments.pdf Economics of PRT
060223_LtrAgreements_6.pdf Letters about implementing JPods
InnovPTS2_Swedish.pdf Study on alternative transportation
Ultra_clean_air_paper.pdf Air Quality
Ultra_trb05_airports.pdf Need at airports