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There are circumstances over which we have no control.
Costs imposed by these events warrant special preparations.

Valiant in effort, the bucket brigade and unspecialized approach used on the 17th Street Levee Breach in New Orleans required five days to patch the breach.

As Fire fighters need hoses more than buckets, civil engineers need to rapidly deliver sandbags into a breach.

Simulation: Like water from a fire hose or teeth in a chainsaw, 1,000 lb sandbags could have streamed into the 17th Street breach at a rate of 20-50 tons per minute from staging areas as far as 30 miles away. The breach might have been sealed in five hours instead of five days.

In preparation for tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes and other large scale natural and man-make disasters.

  • 2005
    • US deliver and train one Levee-Rescue System for the 2nd half of the hurricane season.
    • 5 miles of Rescue-Rail
  • 2006
    • World-wide deliver and man 15 Levee-Rescue Systems
    • 600 miles of Rescue-Rail
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