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Management Team and Board of Directors

  • Bill James, Founder and CEO. Experienced in manufacturing, statistical process control, sensors and computer software. BS - West Point, 1972.
  • Gordon Israelson, Chief Technical Officer. A Professional Engineer experienced in power industry and fuel cells. He holds 6 patents. MS Physics - University of Minnesota, BS - West Point 1972.
  • Frank Poa, Principle Owner of Atlantis Energy. Solar manufacturing facilities in Poughkeepsie, NY. Made and installed the solar collector system at MetLife Stadium, the Meadowlands.
  • Chuck Mahan, Director. Retired Lt General, expert in large-scale logistics, formerly the US Army G4 (logistics). BS - West Point, 1968.
  • Mike Teske, Director and Design Team. Currently Director of Construction and Engineering at Dollywood (likely site of the first network installation). Past President, Vekoma Rides USA (US division of the world's largest in-house design and manufacture of amusement rides). Past Technical Director for opening five major theme parks in the US and Europe; responsible for engineering, safety and opening 110 major attractions.
  • Bill Saylor - Chief of Distributed Power. USMA 1972, IEEE Committee on Distributed Power