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Bad Sheep, 3-5 Months of Universal Military Service

Infantrymen, those protected by a t-shirt, wage war for one of three reasons:

  • To buy time for others to win.
  • Following orders because they have self-discipline to subordinate their own survival to those they trust.
  • To exploit some insight, some small niche where small arms, protected by t-shirts, can win.

Universal military service of 3 to 5 months will not shape people to make great infantrymen.  The most we can hope for is:

  • Citizens will hate standing in line from which the powerful are exempt.
  • Veterans will not suffer terrorism, from foreign or demestic sources.
  • They will care about the 30 other people who shared their 3-5 months with.

That is all that 3-5 months of military service can hope for. It is not enough time to make great infantrymen. Hopefully, it will be enough time to make bad sheep.


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