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If you can drive an elevator, you can drive JPods.

The personal mobility of a chauffeured car:

  • regardless of age, young or old
  • regardless of wealth
  • regardless of ability to drive
  • without congestion
  • without oil

Personal mobility equates to economic, educational and social opportunity.

A Heavy Load: The Combined Housing and Transportation Burdens of Working Families

Foreclosures and housing values measure the harm of Peak Oil.

Travel from within any green circle to within any green circle in 15 minutes.
Avoid the time tax on people who cannot afford a car.

We grow older, embrace change; it will happen whether we like it or not.

(Personal note) We do not have to surrender.  I was an All-American wrestler. I am not that tough anymore but my intellect is not that feeble either.  We can engineer to accommodate our abilities.  Act ahead of events.  We can deploy personal mobility without George needing a car.

Oct 20, 2006, George Russell Weller was convicted of killing 10 people in a Santa Monica, CA market. The 89 year old man believed he was stepping on the brake when he press the accelerator and drove his car injuring 70 people, killing 10. 

Personal mobility is an integral part of being an American.  The failure to provide personal mobility regardless of ability to drive is making criminals of some honest people and segregating others into isolation.

Other Personal Mobility Examples
African Americans have the lowest car ownership of all racial and ethnic groups in the country, the researchers say, with 19 percent living in homes in which no one owns a car. That compares to 4.6 percent of whites in homes with no car, 13.7 percent of Latinos, and 9.6 percent of the remaining groups combined.


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