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Planning and Designing a JPods Network for Hull, MA------

Instructions: Following is:

  • An explanation of JPods automated transportation networks.
  • Niche transportation solutions for using less oil.
  • Survey, fill out your opinions.
  • Results, submit your survey, see the combined results of everyone.
  • This survey takes about 15 minutes complete.

Objective for building in Hull:

  • Better, safer, cleaner and faster transportation using 80% less energy per passenger mile.
Performance Measurements by 2012:
  • Increase yearly disposable income per familiy by $1,000 by 2012 and $2,500 by 2017 by cutting transportation costs.
  • Decrease congestion by 50%.
  • Decrease parking congestion by 50%.
  • Increase tourist revenues by 25%.
  • Transfer ownership so the local JPods network is about 70% locally owned.


  • JPods are networks of ultra-light, personal railroads.
  • Freight trains average over 400 ton-miles per gallon. So why do we move a 220 pound person at 18-34 mpg? Automobiles/trains/buses moving people are less than 1% efficient relative to what is common in moving freight. By eliminating repetitive start-stops and by removing parasitic mass efficiencies can exceed 260 passenger-miles per gallon. Next time you put $40 of gas in your car's tank consider:
    • Freight trains could have moved your body the same distances for 20 cents.
    • JPods could chauffeur you, on-demand and anywhere there is a network, the same distance for $5.24.
  • Most people have ridden in an elevator. By combining computer networks with roller coaster mechanics it is practical to build networks of horizontal elevators to create a Physical-Internet™. People get in a JPods vehicle, look up the web site they need to go to and are physically taken there?
  • In response to the 1973 Oil Embargo, a Personal Rapid Transit (PRT or PodCars) network was built in Morgantown, WV. That network has delivered 110 million oil-free, injury-free passenger miles.
  • JPods networks are modern, light-weight versions of PodCars capable of moving people, cargo, trash, dirt and other items.
  • A few studies on PRT: Lean Thinking, Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, PB-244854, Swedish, European Union, Canadian, Princeton University, New Jersey

Concept video of JPods Networks
Hull travel time map, from Blue cross, Green in 10 min, Yellow in 20 min and Red in 30 min.

JPods' Concept: Combine niche solutions to provide better service while acheiving savings identified in Performance Measures.

  Design Networks
  • Neighborhood Niche (on streets, less than 3 miles and less than 25 mph):
    • Neighborhood Vehicles (NV's) are 20 mph, street worthy super golf carts.
    • Low cost vehicles.
    • Local cargo delivery by specialty NV pallet carriers.
  Design Networks
  • Repetitive Niche (regularly repeated transport)
    • Build ultra-light JPods rail networks with on-demand public and private computer controlled vehicles.
    • Connect neighborhoods, trains and other facilities in Hingham.
    • Move people and cargo non-stop from origin and destination at about 30 mph.
    • Use 85% less energy per passenger mile.
    • JPods stations within easy bicycling and walking access.
    • Increase tourist access to beaches without parking, drunk driving, congestion and other problems.
  Design Networks
  • Automobile Niche (current value)
    • There are still purposes for which the automobile is ideal.
    • Non-repetitive, uncongested, open road transport remains the niche of automobiles.
    • Watch car commericials, they illustrate what the automobile is designed for.
    • You already know when it is a joy to drive a car and when it is an unhappy chore.
  Design Networks
  • Public Transportation Niche
    • Leverage existing train and bus routes by providing on-demand feeder networks to them.
    • Cross connect existing public transportation networks to improve their value.
    • Provide on-demand, 24 x 7 support to existing public transport to minimize missed connections and improve service.
  Design Networks
  • Walking and Bicycle Niche
    • As congestion is reduced, walking and biking will become safer.
    • Without the constant requirement to retrieve a car, walking becomes an easy and healthy part of daily life. In NYC, where people have easy access to transportation as a service, people walk more and average 7 pound lighter than most other US cities.


Purpose: Engage the people of Hull to determine how you can become self-reliant and change the lifeblood of your economy from oil to ingenuity.

  • Democracies work because of the wisdom of the many; each of us acting in our own self-interest collectively create better results than experts and kings. There is a wonderful book on this The Wisdom of Crowds. Unfortunately, since mobilizing to fight World War I, we have become incrementally more dependent on experts and our choices for transportation have been incrementally reduced to the automobile. Thousands of miles of railroads have been lost and other alternatives hindered by institutional bias that the automobile is the answer to every transportation need. Hull was once the site of the first electric railroad; it was lost to policies that incrementally added subsidies to road networks and automobiles. There is no big-oil or big-auto conspiracy, just our dependence on experts trying to do the best they can while limiting their thoughts to the opinion of previous experts. After a century, we are left with:
    • A Potato Famine like monolithic dependence on imported oil.
    • Personal debt to pay for a car that mandates paying for oil to move a ton to move a person at a cost of about $10,300 per year per family.
    • Public debt that struggles to fix potholes.
    • Risks to a stable climate.
  • Where and when you need to travel should be defined by you, not by a remote expert. The objective of this survey is to:
    • Create an open discussion about transportation needs and alternatives.
    • Determine if you would benefit by building a JPods network for Hull, MA.
    • Determine if that benefit is significant enough for JPods, Inc to invest $100 million to build the network.
    • Ask you where a network should be built.
  • Thank you for completing the following survey. If you would like to take a more active roll, please provide contact information at the end of the survey.


Understanding Current Transportation Costs and Potential for Savings:
Transport at 400 ton-miles per gallon is practical.   (Link to background)
Electric cars have twice the carbon footprint of diesel cars.   (Link to background)
Car milage has not improved since the Model-T.   (Link to background.)
Oil supplies are depleting at 4-7% per year.    (Peak Oil)
Transportation costs working class families about $10,300 per year.   (Link to background)
Car accidents cost typical driver $1,051 per year.    (Link to background)
Congestion costs each person about $434 per year.   (Link to background)
31% of New York City families have access to transportation as a service, increases their disposable income by $2,500 per year.    (Link to background)

Your current transportion:
Primary means of transportation, 1-10, 10 is most.
Distance of your commute to work / school:
% of trips less than 3 miles?
Between 2000 and 2009, have gasoline prices hurt your budget?
Do you expect gas prices to go above $5 a gallon?
Would it be helpful to you to access the train station by JPods networks?
Number of trips per work day, by miles traveled?
Rate the current quality of traveling by car, 1-10, 10 is best.
Include parking, tolls, congestion, walking and traveling.
Rate the current quality of traveling by bus, 1-10, 10 is best.
Include getting to station, waiting, loading, ticketing and traveling.
Rate the current quality of traveling by train, 1-10, 10 is best.
Include getting to station, waiting, loading, ticketing and traveling.
Time spent travelling each day?
How many people travel with you, what % of trips?
How many vehicles does your family own?
How well does your current transport meet your budget?
How well does your current transport meet your needs?

Transportation desires:
Rate characteristics important to you, 1-10, 10 is best.
Design Networks
To cut a car payment out of your monthly budget, how many blocks would you walk to a JPods station?
Design Networks
I am attracted to using a JPods network because it would save money?
Design Networks
I am attracted to using a JPods network because it would be better for the environment?
Design Networks
I am attracted to using a Neighborhood vehicle because it would save money?
Design Networks
I am attracted to using a Neighborhood vehicle because it would be better for the environment?
Design Networks
I am attracted to walking more if it was easy to catch a ride when I needed one?
Design Networks
I am attracted to riding a bike more if roads were not congested and safer?

Designing the network:
Start Address
End Address
Time required
Times per week
Value of trip

If you would like a response, please check the Response Requested checkbox and enter your name and your phone number and/or your email below. Unless a response is requested, name, phone and email are optional. 


Privacy Advisory: Unless you provide your name, phone, email address or otherwise identify yourself in the text comments on the comment card, all submitted information and comments will remain anonymous. No attempt to identify you or your organization will be made. If you have a complaint and do not provide a phone number or email address, there will be no way of following up with you directly regarding the complaint. However, all comments and complaints will be examined whether or not you supply contact information. Your comment card submission, including the text comments, may be reviewed by multiple people associated to the service provided. This may, in some cases, include higher levels in the service provider's chain of command. By providing comment information in the text comment box, you are acknowledging that the information provided may be reviewed throughout the organization to which the comment was submitted, and, possibly at higher organization levels within the system.

No information provided with be distributed outside the effort to the stated objective of designing and building sustainable transportation in Hull, MA. JPods, Inc. does not sell or redistribute contact information to any third party.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this comment card. Your opinions are very important to us.