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Gasoline prices are up 35% in 2016. Unemployment follows in 2 years.

A solar storm could generate the same effect. And that’s not just a theory — it’s happened before. In 1989, “a vast cloud of…plasma,” ejected from the sun, caused a 12-hour blackout in Quebec


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Picture of the lables with a mocket up package. Sheets are 8.5 x 11 inches.


S. 2372 Omnibus Energy Bill's amendment, Transportation Energy Diversity, creates a regulatory framework that will:

Builds on a strong foundation of:

Preempts risks from dependence on foreign oil:

  • Preempts the pollution from oil-powered, congested urban traffic that is driving Climate Change. 
  • Defunds oil-dollar funded terrorism.
  • Reduces risks that rising gasoline prices will collapse the economy by 2020:
    • US oil production is decreasing at 1 million-barrels/day/year, or about equal to one 1973 Oil Embargo per year. By 2017, US oil production will be down by 2 to 4 million-barrels per day. The Law of Supply and Demand will force gasoline prices much higher.
    • Documentaries for understanding Energy Economics and Peak Oil.
    • Unemployment is highly correlated to gas prices two years earlier. Life requires energy. Less affordable energy, less life. Gasoline prices are up 35% since Feb 2016. 

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