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Parasitic Energy

Traffic congestion and Climate Change are caused by burning oil and coal (electric cars) to move two tons to move a person.

A small girl showing how little energy JPods use by pushing her mom in front of Boston City Hall.


This is also a good way to understand the value of a gallon of gasoline. Steps:

  1. Park your car in your driveway empty of gasoline.
  2. Put in one gallon into your tank.
  3. Get 5 of your strongest friends.
  4. Drive until you run out of gas.
  5. Push your car home. It will take you about 2 days, or 12 man-days of effort to perform the work of one gallon of gasoline.

A barrel of oil, 42 gallons, is the equivalent of 12 energy slaves. In the following video a small girl pushes her mom and Judeth (74 years old) pushes two people in a JPods vehicle to show how little energy is required once the parasitic mass of the vehicle is removed.


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