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Contacts in India for JPods are:

Link to a summary deployment plan for JPods in India.

Economies that are skilled in harnessing their energy resources are rich. India has about 5.5 to 6 kw-hr of energy per square meter per day. Currently the people of India suffer under, instead of harvesting and powering their economy with this rich energy resources.

Things are beginning to change. The Delhi Airport has a 2.1 megawatt solar farm next to its runway. This makes the airport energy self-reliant (according to the postings in the airport). As JPods networks are deployed, the energy capture capacity of the Delhi Airport will be repeated with every 2 km of JPods. The energy to power wealth in India will also solve traffic congestion.


Each Network in India will start with a Kitty Hawk Network™. This creates a standard for the technology transfer to Make in India. RouteTime™ and JPods3D software can be downloaded to design networks.



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