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Investors Background


Why: Life requires energy. Oil is finite. Life and economies powers by oil are terminal. Survival depends on profitably providing mobility within a energy self-reliance – within a solar budget.

As illustrated in the following diagram, over 80% of current oil is wasted with the assumption that cars are efficient. If you recognize that cars are 140 times less efficient as moving a person than freight railroads move the same mass, then over 99% of current energy costs can be viewed as potential profits and/or customer savings.

Mission: Profit by supplying safe, congestion-free, comfortable, convenient, energy efficient, on-demand personal mobility and cargo transport in highly repetitive travel of less than 50 miles.
  1. Solving someone's problem. Niche solutions for congestion and increased personal mobility. There are thousands of connections needs for this at airports, between transport hubs, medical complexes, business parks, industrial centers, military installations, etc.. Payback range from one to three years.
  2. Solving general problems of congestion, Global Warming and Peak Oil by automating highly repetitive travel in wide area networks of cities and towns. About four billion of the eight billion miles Americans drive every day can be automated a profit/competitive advantage of 27 cents per passenger mile.
  3. Short-term there are thousands of networks that can be built with a 1-5 year payback.
  4. Long-term the US market size looks to be about 500,000 miles. The 140,000 miles of freight railroads (averaging 480 ton-miles per gallon) will be the logistical arteries as oil costs rise and supply shocks impact. There needs to be about 4 times this amount of JPods rails to be the logistical capillaries. There are nearly 2 million lane miles of urban roads that the oil to power has increased in costs 494% in the last 15 years. JPods rails equal to about 25% are necessary.
  5. A 500,000 mile network will cost about $5 trillion to build and save $600 billion a year of imported oil creating an 8.3 year payback. There will be additional savings by cutting defend costs for foreign oil ($700 billion per year), accidents ($300 billion per year), congestion ($121 billion per year), pollution and other expenses.
  6. To repair oil-powered infrastructure will cost about $3.6 trillion by 2020 without the savings.
  7. Similar and competing ideas.
How JPods Inc Makes Money: Primarily JPods Inc will license its intellectual property for implementation by Local Mobility Companies.
  • Sales of software and electronic so cars can be shared by anyone one on a campus and that use is billed to their account.
  • Rescue-Rail and Levee-Rescue. Sales and leasing of temporary networks for special events and disasters.
  • Mobility Alliance Partners. License sponsors and manufacturing rights of JPods components.
  • Local Mobility Companies. Royalties and license rights to deploy and operate JPods networks in specific geographic regions and/or markets.
  • LMC Markets. Manage an exchange for the purchase and sale of Local Mobility Company rights.
  • Incentives. As JPods achieve public policy objectives there will be incentives to deploy networks more quickly
Amount Return Time Action/Condition
$3,000,000 2 years Implement MOA network, patent submissions, secure construction financing for network expansion, sale of 50% share of MOA LMC for $7 million and additional fundraising.
$7,000,000 3 years Same as above and start LMCs with $500k in Salinas, Santa Cruz, Sunnyvale, Pleasanton (California). Pursuit and fund with $500k  three of the sites studied for EPA.


$20,000,000 3 years Same as above and build 30 miles of networks. Sell these networks to LMCs and permanently shift JPods from a builder to an intellectual property company that licenses LMCs to build networks.


Public Offering 5 years Implement a public offering when we have 1,000-5,000 miles of rail credibly licensed.
Three Ways to Invest
Invest in yourself Deploying JPods will require vast amounts of goods and services. JPods is selling a limited number of Mobility Alliance Partnerships (MAP's) that will provide sponsorships, materials, goods and services for deploying JPods networks. MAPs funds will be used to help develop market demand
Invest in your community JPods is selling Local Mobility Company (LMCs) rights to exclusively deploy JPods networks into specific territory. Funds will be developed in each LMC to deploy networks into that LMC. LMCs are the the Physical-Internet what ISPs are to the Internet. Review Case Studies for examples of networks LMCs will own and operate.
Invest in JPods Inc JPods is raising $20 million in capital to expand, refine and document its technology and intellectual property rights. Approximately $10 million of these funds will be used to help seed LMC operations.
Executive Summary Three page summary of JPods Inc market, team and business plan.
Business Plan Detailed description JPods Inc market, team and business plan.
Capital Flow Master Mobility Companies®, Local Mobility Companies®, and Flow of Capital
Capital Private Activity Bonds and Equility
Step 1: Letter of Intent, Letter of Interest, MOA
Step 2: Performance Standard Ordnance
Step 3: Rights of Way franchisechise Ordnance
Step 4: Path Finder Agreement

Payback multiples are estimates. Explanations are provided below each chart.

Our primary concern is for the first three sets of multiples as they will drive early adoption. The last two sets cannot be managed by us, but as we affect public policy objectives in these areas there may be government incentives to accelerate deployments.

  Typical JPods Times Better   Background
Costs, Operating 56 4 14X   Cents per vehicle mile traveled
Costs, Capital 100 10 10X   $million per mile to build (light rail verses JPods)
Human Factors          
Safety 14 0.005 2,800X   Fewer deaths (cars kill 14 per 100,000)
Access 24 4 6X   % that cannot drive/operate, under 5 years old
Congestion 48 5 10X   Hours lost to congestion each year
Capacity, Cars 4800 4800 1X   *Same capacity as cars, 4 seats every 3 seconds
Capacity, Bus 600 4800 8X   *Busfive minutes apart with 50 seats verses JPods
Capacity, Trains 1200 4800 4X   *Trains 10 min apart with 200 seats verses JPods
          *JPods can have multiple rails is same right of way
Emissions 1.7 0.0008 2125X   Pounds of CO2 per passenger mile
Conservation 250 4 63X   PEC, 2000 lbs time 25 start-stops per commute
Land Use 50 2 25X   Width of right of way, feet
Defense 492 billion 1 5 billion X   1% the estimated cost of Iraq War
Trade Deficit 584 billion 1 584 billionX   2006 Trade Deficit for cars and oil
Currency Value Cause Hope stability   Oil addiction weakens the dollar
Peak Oil Cause Hope life   Life if the Return for Solving Peak Oil
Climate Change Cause Hope life   Life if the Return for Solving Climate Change

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