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Capital Summary

Links to documents:

  • Business Plan
  • Spread Sheet
    • To keep the scale projects understandable, finances are calculated by Projects.
    • The baseline is a 10 km network, such as the Mall of America to hotels and airport. This requires $82 million.
    • Total projects are for 118 km, at $1,360 million.
    • Tabs at the bottom:
      • JPods Summary:  Job created per 10 km, for the 118 km, and the estimated Physical Internet in the US.
    • go to the P&L tab at the botton to see EBITDA (gold).
  • Independent Audit of Morgantown's PRT documents that PRT networks pay for themselves about every 5 years relative to buses. Morgantown's network is not nearly as efficient as JPods.

The following 8-minute video explains the capital benefits of building the Physical Internet and JPods.


Enterprize zones


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