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Open Letter to West Point Class of 1972 on our 45th Reunion.

The Stockdale Paradox: Unwaivering faith that we will prevail while facing the most brutal facts of our current reality.

Brutal Facts:

  • Life requires energy.
  • $20 trillion in debt buying a 48% dependence on foreign oil is finite.
  • Life, nations, powered by debt buying foreign oil is terminal.

Unanswered are eight Presidents calls to end dependence on foreign oil. This dependence on foreign is a direct violation of the Constitution’s “post Roads” restriction as explained in five Presidential veto messages

Our choice is to:

  1. Answer the call to action by eight Presidents to enforce the Constitution as explained by 5 Presidents to exercise the self-discipline to be energy self-reliant. 
  2. Repeat the near economic collapse of Sept 2008 when US oil production again depletes to 7 mb/d. Syria experienced this collapse into Oil Famine in 2010.

Resources to understand the coming Oil Famine:

10 Savings:

The odd thing is there are multiple 10x cost savings in:

  • Defending the "post Roads" restriction in the Constitution. 
  • Exercising the self-discipline to be energy self-reliance.

Over time we will deploy the Physical Internet® and convert vast traffic yearly costs (US) into value:

  • $425 billion for oil                                                              Cut in half, $212 billion
  • $871 billion in accidents                                                    Cut in half, $436 billion          
  • $120 billion in congestion                                                  Cut 90%, $100 billion           
  • $660 billion for defense, much on oil-wars since 1991      Cut in half, $330 billion

Restoring liberty so the Physical Internet® can be deploy will convert about $1047 billion of cuts per year into value. Link to PowerPoint and KeyNote presentation. There is over a $trillion per of waste that can be converted to profits and customer savings by repeating in transportation the success of restoring communication infrastructure to free markets in 1982.

To accomplish this cost to value change will requires about 500,000 miles of JPods, Hyperloop, ET3 and other networks. This is about 4 times the amount of freight railroads (140,000 miles) and 1/4th the lane miles of urban roads (nearly 2 million). At $10 million per mile, the cost of this retooling is about $5 trillion. The effort will pay for itself about every 5 years. H

This 5 years payback is consistent with the 2010 audit of the Morgantown PRT network and Kiva systems conversion of a $33 million investment into a $775 million sale to Amazon.

The Grand Junction Line Links:

There are several ways to look at paybacks from cost per passenger-mile to safety to capacity to time savings. As a quick summary here is a graph of costs per passenger-mile based on MassDOT data:

Aside from price 3 cents per passenger-mile, JPods packet-switched networks are faster, safer, cleaner, and more affordable. JPods builds on:

  • The efficiency of freight railroads (476 ton-miles per gallon).
  • The zero-injury since 1975 safety record of Morgantown's Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) network.
  • The on-demand service of the Internet, by building the Physical Internet®.


    passenger-mile cost




    Speed mph






    .5 sec


    zero since 1975

    Light Rail




    10 min







    3 sec







    5 min

    8 to 12


  1. Videos and Presentations:
  1. Performance Standard Law is required to raise capital and Franchise Ordinance.  Legal barriers to self-driving cars are being removed. We need to remove the barriers to cleaner, faster, safer, and more affordable mobility networks. Kiva systems is applying the concepts in warehouses. Current DOT policies caused the loss of 120,000 miles of freight railroads despite efficiencies of 476 ton-miles per gallon.
    • Build with private capital.
    • Operate without government subsidies.
    • Exceed 5x the efficiency of highways.
    • Exceed the safety of highways.
    • Pay 5% of gross revenues to the Rights of Way holders.
    • Regulate by the ASTM F24 Theme park standards:
      • Existing written enforcement and industry.
      • Existing insurance industry.
      • Existing common law.
      • Safety record thousands of times better than DOTs with a specific focus on safety of pedestrians, especially children.
  2. Build on the success of the Morgantown PRT network and the independent audit showing a payback every 5 years. Morgantown's PRT is self-regulated, so it does not provide a repeatable model for deploying new networks.
  3. Kitty Hawk Networks are starter networks to train crews and localize manufacturing. JPods can build Kitty Hawk Networks in the US and ship them to China and India, or put factories in China and India to ship to the US. Print Quality Kitty Hawk and Email Quality Kitty Hawk.
  4. How stations work.
  5. Capacity of the networks are 20 times that of light rail. No one waits more than two minutes, even when there is a sudden large group, such as a train unloading.
  6. Costs of the networks are 1/10th the cost of light rail.
  7. Energy savings, converting current costs of 59.2 cents per mile to operate a car into 55.2 cents per mile of profits and customer savings. JPods cost 4 cents per vehicle-mile to operate. Profit is the difference between the value customers willingly pay minus the cost to compete. JPods increases the value by solving congestion and reduces costs by solving pollution. JPods converts costs to value by removing the Parasitic Mass of the vehicle and the energy costs of repetitive start-stops in traffic (Parasitic Energy Ratio).
  8. Prime Law of Networks. JPods provides dense network conductivity in highly repetitive urban transport of people and cargo. ET3 provides high-speed connections between communities.
  9. Paper illustrating emptying a stadium.
  10. Life requires energy. Cheap oil is finite. Life powered by cheap oil is terminal. Article on Peak Fracking is slowly accumulating 1.4 times the harm of the 1973 Oil Embargo.

Start small, iterate relentlessly. We will start in local network and leverage the Prime Law of Networks to expand.

It is essential we have the Rule of Law. So we created the Solar Mobility Act. Those who pass this law in their communities will become founders in the Local Mobiliy Companies that own and operate JPods networks.

We use Route-Time™ and JPods3D™ to design networks and engage the community in understanding how the Physical Internet® will impact them.

Next we deploy Kitty Hawk Networks™ to train staffs and localize manufacturing.

Then we leverage the 10x benefits of JPods:

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