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Letter of Interest

Name of Official on Government Letter Head




Subject: JPods, Letter of Interest

Dear Mr. James

Thanks the time and interest in deploying JPods, solar-powered transportation networks in Puducherry.

Thank you for the letter from the Mayor of Morgantown, WV and the background that the Personal Rapid Transit (PRT or PodCar) network there has provided 177 million oil-free, injury-free passenger-km.

We are very interested in repeating the success of Morgantown with JPods in Puducherry. Solving congestion, accidents and rising fuel costs are important to our city.

I will support your concept of Performance Standards for governing deployment of transportation networks based on:

  • Construction being privately funded.
  • Environmental approvals granted based on energy consumed per passenger-km relative to already approved modes of transportation.
  • Safety standards governed on ASTM International Technical Committee F24. The trill ride industry has an excellent history of innovation and safety.
  • Governments being paid 5% of gross revenues for non-exclusive use of rights of ways.
  • Government backed bond to support transfer of ownership from JPods to Local Mobility Companies once networks are certified and operational. Operational networks being primarily locally owned will keep them focused on meeting local needs.

I would like Puducherry to be a world leaders in solar-powered transportation. In addition to solving problems here, we look forward to the economic develop possible as systems are exported to a world desperate for affordable, sustainable, clean transportation. We will change the lifeblood of commerce from oil to ingenuity.

I will setup meetings to implement JPods solar-powered transportation networks with the appropriate ministers. Speed of deployment is important.






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