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Moving a ton to move a person is extremely wastful.

Parasitic Energy Ratio is a rough approximation of the energy/cost waste by moving vehicles in networks. Parasitic Energy Ratio is a ratio of the kinetic energy of moving vehicles versus their payloads. By dividing the kinetic energy of the vehicle and payload by just the payload the velocity squared and constants cancel. Multiplying this simple ratio by the number of start-stops required to travel on the network, the number of applications of power, a rough approximation of energy wasted is obtained.

"Beam me up Scotty", moving only what you want to move non-stop is perfect use of energy. It has a Parasitic Energy Ratio equal to 1.

Increasing vehicle mass per passenger and repetitive Start-Stops increases relative waste. Based on a 200 pound person

  Scotty Bikes JPods Cars Trains/Buses
Vehicle mass (pounds) 0 25 500 4000 6000
Network start-stops 1 10 1.5 15 10
Parasitic Energy Ratio 1 5.6 5.3 315 310

The following graph from Livermore Labs illustrates the vast waste that can be turned into profits by changing networks.

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