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Convenient loans for JPods Franchisers

JPods is a leader in providing safe transportation and bringing technological innovations on the roads. The company’s mission is to create cost-efficient transit for people, cargo, and waste. Sustainable development is one of our principles, and we strive to create as many jobs as possible. Our company’s primary features make it stand out as one that brings essential benefits to the humanity.

Mobility within Solar Budget

One of our top priorities is to launch the Mobility within Solar Budget by 2020. This is a bold project, focusing on mounting solar panels over the rails. The plan seems even more daring when people learn that it refers to the entire USA and not just Jersey.

Join JPods as a franchiser.

JPods is present in more than one location. We have covered locations in Central, West and East America, India, Middle east, Korea, and many others. If you want to take our mission to your country, join the franchising network. You will receive full support in implementing the company’s mission and keysteps, while taking your country’s technology to a newer level.

Special conditions for wannabe-franchisers

Big missions usually require big money. Aside from making a profit out of JPods’ activity, our franchisers contribute to the improvement of the earth’s environment. The specialized equipment requires investments. We understand that sometimes the desire to do something big doesn’t fit with the financial possibilities. Therefore, we have contracted a private lender, who has managed to build an honest reputation, for offering convenient loans to the franchisers from all over the world. InstantLoans24 has agreed to offer special conditions to the applicants that are accepted as franchisers. The loans are to be used as business investments in JPods franchising network.

How can I take a loan?

InstantLoans24 operates through Instant Loans 24. Applying for a loan for investing in your franchise is easy. Here are the steps our franchisers need to take:

1. Access Instant Loans 24 and choose the type of loan. This depends on the amount of money that is required.

2. Fill in the application form. We suggest you provide honest information and answer all questions.

3. Click Submit and wait for an answer. Instant Loans 24’s team usually replies on the pre-approval in a matter of minutes.

Start building your business.

Once our franchisers have received the loan, they can start taking advantage of our support on building their business in the chosen location. Although the initial investment is not neglectable, the profit will be just as you would expect.

Start building a better world and a better future for yourself now.

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