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Traffic costs Americans about $2.76 trillion per year:

Link to Warren Buffett explaining 470 ton-mpg is the average efficiency of the 140,000 miles of freight railroads in the US. Yet roads move a 200 pound person with the 25-mpg efficiency of the Model-T. Since The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1916 government policies replaced 46% of freight railroads with highways that are 188 times less efficient. JPods networks will displace urban car-miles with solar-powered networks with multiple 10X benefits.

Driving a paradigm shift requires a 10X benefit relative to existing costs. Following is a summary of the 10X benefits of JPods networks.


  Typical JPods Times Better   Background
Capital cost of light rail $202 million/mile  $20 million/mile 10X   $million per mile to build (light rail verses JPods)

Capital costs of new

car ownership.

$10,728 0 10X   JPods provide Mobility As a Service.
Cents per vehicle mile traveled. 63.74¢ .04¢ 10X   Graph above is per passenger-mile using government estimation of 1.57 people per car.

Traffic accident costs

per American per year

$1,035 $0.00 10X  

Morgantown's PRT has had 5 minor injuries in 50 years. Roads have 4.5 million injuries per year.

Road injuries per

million people per year

11,200  0.9 to 3.4 10X  

Injuries per million using US DOT regulations versus ASTM F24 regulations.

Human Factors          
Access Afford cars 8 ys and older 6X   % that cannot drive/operate, under 5 years old
Congestion 48 5 10X   Hours lost to congestion each year
Capacity, Cars 4800 28,000 6X   *4 seats every 3 seconds for cars and .5 seconds for JPods
Capacity, Bus 600 28,000 10X   *Busfive minutes apart with 50 seats verses JPods
Capacity, Trains 1200 28,000 10X   *Trains 10 min apart with 200 seats verses JPods
          *JPods can have multiple rails is same right of way
Pollution per passenger-mile ~.5 pound 0 10X   See graph above converted from energy required per passenger-mile.
Land Use  2,642  29 10X   Square feet per vehicle
Defense 492 billion Self-reliance 10X   1% the estimated cost of Iraq War
Trade Deficit 584 billion Self-reliance 10X   2006 Trade Deficit for cars and oil
Currency Value Cause Self-reliance 10X   Foreign oil addiction weakens the dollar
Peak Oil Cause Self-reliance 10X   US Peak Oil was in 1970
Climate Change Cause Self-reliance 10X   Mobility within a solar budget


10X is required to break into a market


In the effort to build a sustainable future we have two great forces working with us. Federal monopolies have burnt up the time. We have less than 4 years until Oil Famine.

  • 10x energy savings by building the Physical Internet®. JPods is the WiFi of the Physical Internet.
  • 6x Net Energy advantage of solar over oil as a transportation fuel




The Rule of Law:

Neither the Internet nor cellphones could deploy against under the Federal communications monopoly. For the same reason American had a century of rotary telephones under the Federal communications monopoly, under the Federal power and transportation monopolies we lost nearly half the freight railroads since The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 and 600,000 windmills since the Rurual Electrification Adminstration in 1935. The cause of Climate Change is the US Federal policies of taxing to build and subsidize coal/oil fired infrastructure. Natural law, the Constitution, 10x benefits can be scaled as soon as the Rule of Law is restored.


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